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“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein

This book is going to change the way you think.

It’s going to change the way you approach the future.

It’s going to change the way you make decisions.

I know it will, because I’ve seen it happen: to my clients, to my friends. In fact, it’s happening to savers across the country right

And it will happen to you, too.

We live in a world where rapid innovation has become the norm.There are few things we do today the same way we did 20 or even 10 years ago. Sure, we still drive to work. But now, when there’s a traffic jam, your phone can alert you, your car can reroute you, and your voice can instruct technology to let your coworkers know you’ll be late.

We’ve found better ways to order takeout, monitor the security of our homes, and rent movies. But when it comes to preparing for the future, our thinking hasn’t kept pace. We’re saving for retirement in the same old ways.

And it’s threatening your chance for a successful retirement.

In my practice, I meet with savers every day. Some have 401(k)s with employer matches; some have IRAs they are self-funding. But the vast majority of the savers I meet – regardless of how they’re saving today – have never stopped to ask three critically important questions:

  • #1: Why am I saving this way?
  • #2: How does it benefit me?
  • #3: Is there a better way I could be saving?

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