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Investment Management

Investment Management & Asset Lock

A new solution for succeeding in today’s investing environment

Investors are faced with the challenge of succeeding in an investment environment that is clouded with uncertainty and diminishing returns. Most chase greater returns, with increased risk. We strive to create potentially greater returns, with calculated risk.

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Investing with Purpose has 3 Main Components

1. Start Smart: Take your first step to successful investing

Select a cost-effective portfolio, comprised of an appropriate asset allocation which will adhere to your risk tolerance and work to meet your long-term investment goals.

2. Apply Intelligence: Enhance your portfolio with SolomonAPI™

A proprietary Artificial Intelligence Investment Strategy (AIIS), which utilizes quantitative modeling and assimilates and translates global data in real-time, to help identify bull market opportunities and avoid the potential consequences of severe market corrections and bear market conditions.

3. Monitor Performance: Oversee your portfolio with AssetLock®

A leading communication tool, that works to provide you, your financial advisor, and portfolio manager, with a clear understanding of your investment objectives, risk tolerance, your account’s performance, and how to potentially manage your account in the event of a severe market shift.


Why Should you choose an Asset Lock Advisor? The Asset Lock advantage.

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Added peace of mind
  • Award winning technology

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Not only can you have Asset Lock on your accounts with Advantage Wealth Advisors, but we can add it to your current 401k and your accounts held somewhere else.

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